Sarah Han



My name is Sarah Han and I’ve just moved to Akron from sunny (and increasingly dry) Davis, California, where I obtained my BS in Entomology. I’ll be working with Dr. Blackledge and Dr. Dhinojwala on campus, with Goodyear as my corporate sponsor.

I’d say my biggest motivation in life is to not be bored, so I follow that main drive and then go with the flow in regards to everything else.

Having been an entomologist ever since I was little and catching bees with my bare hands, I’m relatively new to the formal practice of Biomimicry. However, it turns out that I’ve been learning about it for many years, without my ever realizing what it was.

Insects are found almost everywhere in the world, and are an incredibly diverse group of animals. Their adaptations for survival, and the way humans have been able to use those adaptations for our own benefit, led me to Biomimicry. I hope to develop the skills to show others that many of life’s questions can be answered by the natural world.