Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens

P1090289_2Hi everyone ! My name is Daphne and I moved to Akron to be part of this exciting new adventure. I’m working in the Bird lab – advised by Dr. Shawkey. I’m personally very interested in the many new features that come together with creating “structural colors”. Thanks to Parker Hannifin I’ll be able to discover this fascinating field.

I’m born and lived my whole life in the beautiful city Ghent, Belgium. Although I started my studies (Bachelor and Master in Biochemistry & Biotechnology) because I wanted to invent the cure against cancer, I soon realized my deeper interests and true life-vision was concerning environmental issues. One of the reasons of my mindset shift was the discovery of Biomimicry. The moment I started reading about Biomimicry, I got the feeling it would change my life, I found something where I fit it. This feeling kept on growing, and when I heard Janine Benyus speaking in Brussels, in 2011, I just couldn’t wait any longer! A few days later I applied for the Biomimicry Specialty Program. At that time I didn’t realize it would be the start of this amazing, life-changing journey.

The main reasons I got and still get so excited about Biomimicry is that it opens a whole new source for innovative and sustainable designs and it can be applied on a broad range of different fields (e.g. architecture, science, materials, economy). Moreover, it gives me hope. Instead of being pessimistic about our future, we should focus on the many possibilities we all have to reduce our footprint on Earth, while not compromising on our technology. We have to make this work, that’s our only option!

We’ll do our very best to update this blog regularly to keep you interested and tuned-in, but as a grad student with many other priorities that has been shown to be pretty hard – unfortunately -, so you can also follow me on twitter (@DaFecheyr) and LinkedIn.



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