Daniel Maksuta

Hello world,

Name: Daniel Maksuta

I am a new Corporate Biomimicry Fellow. I have a BS in Chemistry-Polymers.

I enjoy questioning things. Maybe with a poke, maybe with a sentence, maybe with an experiment, I try to find a way. I also enjoy hobbies. I’ve had far too many hobbies throughout my life.

As a philosophical side note: I don’t consider reading a hobby because reading is a means to an end. I don’t read to read, but I read to find out about. But maybe someone out there actually does read for the sake of reading.

Continuing on…

I got interested in Biomimicry because I had always been impressed with what evolution had done and mostly dissatisfied with a lot of what people have done. Granted we have always worked with what little we’ve had, but that ambition though… dare I say hubris? But I don’t get bogged down by the past. The simple solution is to just offer a solution. That being said, I think that the Biomimicry lens has great promise. And I’d honestly argue no one on the planet can intuit all of biology’s solutions. So obviously there is a lot of work to be done.

And I really wonder how long it took evolution to develop the life cycle… Seriously brilliant work.


The point is…

Apparently if I want to talk about myself I immediately have to talk about something that is not myself… But at least I can say I am who I am.



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