Banafsheh Khakipoor

Hello and Welcome to our Blog!

I’m Banafsheh (Bana for short and Violet if you translate it to English). I’ll be working with Dr. Moore from Biology department of University of Akron. Here is me in my favorite locations and seasons.

I spent my childhood in Iran, Tehran. As a child, I loved the four season, the rebirth of earth every Spring which Iranian/Persian New Year is based on, blossoming of violets in Spring, as well as the smell of fresh sangak (a type of bread) on the way to school. Then, with my family, I moved to Emirates (UAE), there is something beautiful in desert habitats, is it the stories of One thousands and one night or the meditative nature of desert that captivate me, I’m not sure. Although the luxurious life of Dubai is quite fascinating, it was the traditional yet environmental friendly architecture of wind catchers that made an impression on me. I wonder if the people of past were conscious about their surroundings or simply because there was no technology, the works tended to use natural elements without devastating results on their environment. However, I’m proud that Abu Dhabi has taken this upon itself to create a full sustainable city, Masdar city.

I did my undergraduate in computer science, almost because I couldn’t find any other major I liked in my university (University of Wollongong in Dubai), but i grow to appreciate the logic behind it, this way of thinking is what am hoping will help me in my biomimicry journey. Working as a software engineer keeps you on your toes to understand what is really happening and what do you really want to happen in your program. I feel like the codes that work wonderfully always have a beauty in them, almost similar to the beauty I see in natural world.. I did my Master degree in Bioinformatics in Aalto university in Finland. Finland is yet another wonder of nature for me, with its never-ending sunlight or never-ending darkness, it is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve lived in. It’s very easy to see how Finnish culture is incorporated with nature. I don’t know whether I was happier to learn Bioinformatics or live in nature.. It’s just fascinating how earth dies off completely in Winter and reborn in Spring.

Maybe I’m aiming to find those beautiful codes that has made nature perfect in its 3.8 billion years or maybe its been created so perfectly that is hard for me to study anything else. I invite you to join us in this journey and help us learn together.


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