Finding thanks in a time of turmoil

I feel like this point in time is difficult to write, think about, and process things thoroughly. My mind is at the nexus of 3 huge events that are converging within the same 2-week timeframe. The impending Thanksgiving where I won’t have to worry about food or a roof over my head (but would welcome refugees that had nothing with open arms at our table if they came), the horrible Paris attacks, and the upcoming COP21 Global Climate Talks – in Paris – where the fate of our climate largely rests in coming up with a solid deal.   Have you ever just stopped and thought to yourself lately: Damn – this is a critical point in history!?   Because it is!

In Bill’s latest post, he mentioned hope and optimism. I understand how the word “hope” is often used – in a positive light, but for me, regardless of context, it’s too passive. Hope leaves desire; it has you wishing or willing something will come true, which may lead to failure or falling short of optimal. In this critical point in time, we can all do something to make our world, regardless of scale, a bit better despite recent events.   Let’s be thankful, but let’s do something to “move” the world forward in a positive manner: #optoutside into nature, rather than in retail stores or volunteer – it doesn’t matter if it’s organized; pick up trash on the side of the road.

The social and socio-ecological worlds are not currently in a state of symphonic homeostasis; Rather, many, including myself feel a sense that the world needs to normalize back into its state of constant dynamic equilibrium to feel a bit better on solid ground – the Orchestra is still playing beautiful music, but there’s a screechy violin and the drum is out off beat. The majority of the orchestra is working well and if we all keep doing our small, positive parts, hopefully the other parts will fall harmoniously in line. And if the pressures of family dinner become too much, just remember to play Adele.


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