Recent Biomimicry Happenings

We all know that the field and resources of biomimicry are growing rapidly. With Janine Benyus and Biomimicry 3.8 planting seeds all over the world, many continue to sprout, from flourishing databases, to individual certifications, to entire groups forming in pockets around the globe. An aspect of biomimicry that I particularly enjoy is the global nature of our communications and getting different aspects and ideas from different cultures and perspectives.

This week I want to call attention to just a few of the things going on outside of the UA, starting with our colleagues over in the UK. Much like we here at BRIC and Great Lakes Biomimicry, they are a small but mighty group dedicated to the sustainable ethos of biomimicry. Check out the shiny new Biomimicry-UK website launched in November, 2014, and sign up to follow them. It’ll be great to watch them grow and I look forward to their news section – always awesome seeing the latest positive happenings!

As an Education Fellow, it’s great to connect with others and see how they’re making biomimicry education fun for our kids. Through the Biomimicry-UK site, I stumbled upon this Bulgarian gem –, developed by Kamelia Miteva, that focuses on teaching biomimicry through games and workshops. Ok, yes, it’s in Bulgarian, but thanks to Google, we can certainly overcome that little obstacle and get the gist of the games and ideas.

And, as of October, 2014, a new biomimicry Wiki has been developed out of Tongji University and the Biomimetic Design Lab, where, much like the popular Wikipedia, anyone who signs up can edit and help develop the page.

It’s always fun to see what’s developing in the world of biomimicry and I’m looking forward to following and collaborating with each of these groups to see what sort of boundless creativity happens!


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