Welcome To Our New Fellows!

Hey there!

Here to share some good news. First of all, our program is growing… we have two new students who joined us the past year: Sebastian from Germany and Kelly who’s been all around the world but most recently lived in Hawaii. Check out their profile pages in the Contributor Bios section.

Secondly, the University of Akron is currently in the process of hiring Full/Associate Professors in Biomimicry. The hires for Fall 2014 {3 positions; 12 to follow over the coming years!} will be in the areas of: Biodesign, Comparative Biomechanics, and Soft Materials. Have a look and share the good news: http://uabiomimicry.org/faculty-search/

And finally we are committing ourselves to posting more often by putting it in black-and-white here. We’ve made a schedule among the five of us to each post on a rotating basis so the activity rate of our blog should really start going up! Hopefully you will enjoy getting more frequent updates!


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